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Advanced Radiation Oncology Center is proud to have the most technologically advanced linear accelerator on the Central Coast of California!

Varian’s RapidArc™ and IMRT systems shape the radiation dose so that it conforms closely to the three dimensional shape of the tumor. That means more dose to the tumor, and less to surrounding healthy tissues.With RapidArc™, IMRT treatments that typically required at least ten minutes can be completed in less than two.

RapidArc™ is delivered with a medical linear accelerator, which is a big machine that generates high-powered X-rays and rotates around you as you lie on a treatment couch, to deliver the beams from any angle. With RapidArc™, the entire treatment is completed with a single rotation of the machine.

The treatments are fast. That makes it easier on you. You’re in and out of the treatment room in a matter of minutes each day.

A RapidArc ™ radiotherapy system incorporates technology that makes it possible for your treatment team to position you for treatment with great accuracy. An “On-Board Imager,” which is a CT scanner, is mounted on the treatment machine, gives them high-resolution X-rays of the targeted area and can be used before each treatment.

It’s fast. Highly conformal treatments like IMRT can be delivered in a fraction of the time it normally takes, increasing treatment accuracy and decreasing the amount of time patients must hold still for treatment.

It’s precise. RapidArc™ makes it possible for doctors to target tumors accurately and spare more healthy tissue. In fact, it is today’s most precise machine.

It’s simple. RapidArc™ treatments, which are delivered with a single rotation of the treatment machine around the patient, are much simpler to plan and deliver, requiring fewer steps than conventional treatments. Advanced Radiation Oncology Center treats all cancers specializing in Intensity Modulated Radiation


Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (or IMRT) is a revolutionary delivery technology that allows the Radiation Oncologist to conform or shape the radiation high dose region in a highly 3-Dimensional manner. Before IMRT existed, a radiation plan involved two to five more beams, which just intersected into one another at the tumor area. Now, IMRT takes each one of those beams and breaks it up into thousands of individual tiny beamlets providing the physician with a full color palette of radiation intensities to work with, as opposed to just shades of grey.

That provides the doctors with the ability to shape the radiation to the exact 3D shape of the target. IMRT can keep high doses of radiation away from tissues and organs that do not need it, ultimately reducing side effects to the patient. Combined with Image Guided Radiation Therapy or IGRT, targeting IMRT enables the radiation dose to zero on the tumor without significant side effects for patients with prostate cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, head and neck cancers as well as many other tumor sites.